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What is Howth Pottery?

Howth Pottery is a small pottery business founded and ran by Frieda Rogerson. What began as a part-time hobby in 2018 has now transformed into a full-time passion where Frieda is able to create something she is proud to share with anyone interested. Operating primarily out of  St. Annes Red stables in Raheny, you can find us there any time from nine to four on a Saturday. (We're the ones in the mucky aprons)

We also operate online too! (For us who like the Saturday Lie-on). Check our catalogue to see what's in store. We update the page regularly so be sure to check back :)

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This is Frieda's studio where she spends time working on all of the products from Howth Pottery. Each piece has its own unique process. Some items are poured while others are spun on the wheel. Afterwards, they have to dry for several days before receiving their first firing. Finally, they get hand glazed before being fired once more to create the glossy texture you see on the ceramics. 

We hope to get a heater out here soon as it is miserably cold during the winter :(


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